When setting up to use split mode, VFOB is no longer updated to VFOA +1KHz.
Rather, it is set to VFOA frequency.  This is without Monitor returns to
last Frequency checked.  Is this a design change?

With Monitor returns checked,  the last frequency used on *any* band is
used for transmit out of VFOB, even when a new VFOA frequency is selected
in a different band.  Would make more sense if the last frequency for a
given band was  populated into VFOB.

I discovered this when QSY from 40M JT65 to 6M MSK.   TX went out on 40M
instead of 50.280, even though 50.280 selected.  VFOB was still set to 7076
on K3.

Note also that when un-checking The Monitor returns function 7187 must be
restarted to cancel the behavior.

Either way it looks like VFOB is not getting updated when split is
selected, regardless of band or mode.

I realize split mode may not be practical for all modes.

73, chuck

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