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It would be surprising (in a bad way) for the rig to key up when the "Tx 
Enabled" button is not active. Tuning is not necessary if transmit is 
completely disabled, because you can simply press the "bypass" button on 
the tuner and it will work fine in the vast majority of cases.

Looking at the source, it seems that the intent is to only tune before a 
listen cycle, not transmit. I see two problems with this:

1) On receive cycles, we're transmitting a brief carrier then going 
silent. This violates identification rules, albeit without much impact. 
It would be nice to at least have an option to transmit a shorter 
carrier followed by a CW ID.

2) Many autotuners have a minimum power input to tune that is greater 
than the amount of desired power for running WSPR. The tune button can 
remember a different attenuator setting so this isn't a problem if the 
tune cycle is used, but by skipping tuning for transmit cycles the 
autotuner might not trigger on the low power output from the WSPR 
itself. So I think it makes sense to tune before a transmit cycle.

As for Rx-only bands, there's no easy solution. The operator might not 
be able to transmit there at all, for legal or antenna-related reasons. 
But if the only way to actuate the auto-tuner is to transmit then I 
guess you're out of luck.

For bands the operator *is* allowed to transmit in but for some reason 
still wishes to Rx-only (like 15m in the screenshot) I think it does 
make sense to allow tuning on Rx-only bands (but not when Tx Enabled is 
off), but see point #1.

I'm not sure what's causing the inconsistency you originally reported 
but it needs a more in-depth diagnosis to see if it's truly not tuning 
when it's intended to, or if it's just that the intended behavior 
doesn't match expectations.

-- mike NF4E

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