On 13/01/2017 03:00, Lloyd wrote:
> I see that the center RX freq can be shifted +-100hz.  Is it possible
> to have a much larger shift?  As an example say I wanted to monitor
> 50.280 and 50.280 at the same time. If a 48khz wide audio was sent to
> wsjtx and the dongle set to 50.280, one could run another instance of
> wsjtx using the same audio source but change the center rx freq to say
> 11500. I am assuming that currently anything outside the 2500 bandwidth
> is ignored?

Hi Lloyd,

WSJT-X is programmed assuming a 48kHz base band PCM digital audio feed 
and the first processing step is to filter and re-sample that with a 
combined 6kHz LPF and 12kHz output sample rate. This is then suitable 
for analysis of signals between 0Hz and 6000Hz.

Could you run two instances of your SDR software using the same I/Q data 
streams from your device each with different frequency USB audio 
outputs? If that is possible it then it becomes trivial to run two 
instances of WSJT-X connected to the different PCM audio streams.


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