On 09/08/2017 21:31, Richard Bown wrote:
I'd like to use JT4 in  beacon mode on the microwave bands, for propagation 
Can the WD Tx timer be disabled , maybe in settings the sequence ,97,98,OFF
Also in the free message format to be able to send <mycallsign>/B  <6 digit 
what I'm getting is the last letter of the grid is dropped even though the 
whole message
of "G8JVM/B IO82SP" is less than <callsign> callsign> <report>
ie what is sent is "G8JVM/B IO82S"

It would be nice if a 30 second period could be selected, two reason it 
wouldn't matter if first or
second period is selected , and it would keep the SSPA a little cooler.
The UK is getting the reputation of the RF black hole of Europe.
It would be nice when I'm not using equipment to put it in beacon mode and send 
some RF out of the

HI Richard,

sure, the watchdog timer can be disabled, set it to "Disabled" which is just before 1 minute.

Free text messages are limited to 13 characters including spaces so you can only send a 6-digit grid locator if the callsign is 6 characters or less.

JT4 with a 30s period would be a protocol change, JT4 only sends the message once per period along with FEC and sync symbols. To shorten the sequence would require either a faster symbol rate or more tones, a very different protocol.


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