working in FT8 have seen that in column DT the negative values are rare.
My computer is windows 10. I use Meinberg NTP on it and also on previous. Some day ago I also installed the update version.

Testing also with windows client it result synchronized as possible under windows. (try this from a command prompt, think work from windows 7)

w32tm /stripchart /samples:5 /period:5 /Dataonly /computer:pool.ntp.org
23:29:55, +00.0001406s
23:30:00, +00.0001861s
23:30:05, +00.0012455s
23:30:10, +00.0003023s
23:30:15, +00.0004848s

Now, DT is is calculated from a sum of:
TX computer time error
tx_delay (delay added by menu)
distance (about 300Km/ms)
RX computer time error

If I do the mean (sum of elements/number of elements) of groups of ALL.TXT lines I obtain a positive value from 0.3 to 0.4 or more

It is possible that a lot of user have not synchronized time and a lot of them in some direction ????

As I not use external amplifiers I put tx_delay to 0 and seems no problems.


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