Hi all,

First, thank you for all the work on WSJT-X.

WSJT-X 1.80’s Hamlib version does not have support for the new Flex Radio 6400 
or 6600 either by IP or serial (Kenwood TS-2000).

December 24th I compiled Hamlib from the Github source with the changes to 
flex.c and kenwood.c to add the new models (thank you Michael Black for 

I then compiled the WsJT-X 1.80 source code and it works with the new models, 
both serial and IP.

The version of Hamlib that is in current WSJT-X source code does not have these 
changes. What can be done to have WSJT-X source updated with latest Hamlib 
daily snapshot?

Please let me know if you need additional info to allow the changes to make it 
into WSJT-X.

Thank you
Dave De Coons wo2x

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