Thank you Bill.

I will pull the source code, compile and test to ensure the Hamlib was updated 

Thank you!
Dave wo2x

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> On Feb 4, 2018, at 4:37 AM, Bill Somerville <> wrote:
>> On 04/02/2018 06:26, David De Coons wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Sending second posting since first one was sent too soon after subscribing.
>> Thank you for the work put into WSJX-X. Excellent!
>> WSJT-X 1.80 GA does not support the new Flex Radio 6400 or 6600 series model 
>> radios either via serial (Kenwood TS2000) or IP (Flex 6xxx).
>> Back in late December (with the help of Michael Black), I downloaded the 
>> Hamlib daily snapshot source code from their repository on Github. I edited 
>> the flex.c and kenwood.c files to add the new Flex 6400 and 6600radios with 
>> their proper radio ID, then compiled Hamlib.
>> I then downloaded the WSJT-X 1:80 GA source code and compiled it with the 
>> updated Hamlib I created with additions. It works 100% either via IP or 
>> serial now.
>> Michael Black contacted Nathan on the Hamlib team and had the changes 
>> comitted to their source code and it is abailable by pulling the daily 
>> snapshot. There may be other radio updates as well.
>> David Fischer contacted me today and let me know the current WSJT-X source 
>> code doesn’t include the updated Hamlib.
>> Can you please update the Hamlib code in your project so current GA release 
>> can be updated to support the new radios and also any upcoming releases as 
>> well? With the 6400 and 6600 radios now shipping it is only a matter of time 
>> before someone runs into problems trying to run WSJT-X with the new models.
>> If you need further information such as changes that I did to Hamlib, please 
>> contact me.
>> Thank you
>> David De Coons wo2x
> Hi David,
> I update the Hamlib sources to the latest master branch HEAD when I make a 
> release kit. There will be a WSJT-X release candidate for the new DX-pedition 
> FT8 enhancements quite soon. I have pushed the latest Hamlib master branch 
> changes to my fork's integration branch so anyone building from WSJT-X 
> sources should pick up the latest Hamlib changes. This includes IC-7610 
> support as well as your FlexRadio updates if anyone wants to try them out.
> 73
> Bill
> G4WJS.
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