On 18/02/2018 21:16, Iztok Saje wrote:
Z6/S56A had some nice stories, I guess some people who managed QSO do not even know they have Z6 worked.

Hi Iztok,

your proposal looks interesting and using one or more of the extra FT8 payload bits for better exotic callsign handling has been considered. I am confused about what he issue with the above Z6/S56A callsign is as that is a valid type 2 prefix compound callsign and should be handled reasonably well by the existing source encoding.

I do have some doubt about your proposed extension mechanism as it seems to sometimes rely on a regular base base callsign being present in the exotic form which may not always be the case, in fact the contraction to a regular base callsign may be some other operators callsign. For example you suggest that if I were allowed to use, say G250WJS for some 250th special celebration. But contracting this callsign to G2WJS plus 50 encoded in the grid word would be incorrect as my call is G4WJS.


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