(I sent this in a reply 2 days ago and never heard back, so I'm trying

It sounds as if your SW does the demod-remod-subtract algorithm (or
similar) when second pass decoding is enabled. Very nicely done to optimize
local receive performance.

Has anything been done to mine the locally created data at a global or
regional level to create a statistical  model of the channel?  It seems the
WSJT community provides the best data source for this effort that I have
ever even contemplated.

Perhaps the user community would not begrudge a SW package that performed
the best proper local channel description data reduction, and did an "ET
phone home" to a central repository at a reasonable BW at an off-peak time.

The channel description might then enable an even more optimal waveform
design. Or even modes optimized for ionospheric weather conditions.

The data source seems too precious a resource to be ignored.

Thanks for listening.  This idea had to have already been considered by
your team.  Perhaps any objections raised by cost and scope could be
reduced by a Federal grant?

Don Goldston, KE0G
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