I use the same cables on my TS590SG and my Winkeyer. They are cheap and they 

NOW  if someone could get a fix for every TV in the house things would be 
better. Even on 100 Watts it causes some trouble but on 800 it is total 
destruction. TV Cable boxes and TVs are just not make the way they should be. 
On < 50 W FT8 is ok 😊


W0MN EN34rb 44.08226 N 92.51265 W

Hierro candente, batir de repente

HP Laptop


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Subject: [wsjt-devel] MessageBox patch


Change title of messageboxes so JTAlert won't try to dock to them.


The new devel warning causes JTAlert to dock to it since the window title 
matches.  All we need to do is remove the version info.




de Mike W9MDB



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