Joe and everyone:

Thanks for the summary of what worked and didn’t last night.  The bug in the 
RR73 logic explains a lot.

Here are a few things I noticed:

Apart from our friend in Mexico, who simply made a mistake, I noticed a few 
other instances of people transmitting on top of the Fox’s transmissions.  I 
suggest that we should assume this will happen, accidentally or otherwise.  
Perhaps some method can be found to mitigate the effects.  Perhaps it is 
already there.

I had some trouble with the goalposts.  In Hound mode, I suggest we might be 
better off if moving the TX goalpost into a location where it probably 
shouldn’t be resulted in a nag box warning.  I know I fumbled this a few times. 
 I keep in mind that when working a rare DX, it is easy to get excited and make 
stupid mistakes.

What is the purpose of the Green goalpost in Hound mode?  It can direct decodes 
into the right window, but I didn’t pay much attention to that window.  I was 
interested in seeing what messages the Fox was sending, as a group.  Would it 
make more sense to simply turn the green goalpost off in Hound mode?

It hit a nasty bug by accident.  The instructions suggest double clicking on 
the Fox’s callsign to set the program’s parameters.  It also says you can type 
the information into the boxes.  I used both methods at one time or another.  
At one point I restarted the program and needed to reinit the Fox callsign, 
etc.  Deep into the fray, the Fox’s messages don’t have his callsign in them 
very often (ever?). Carelessly, I double clicked his callsign in a “<fox> 
<hound> <grid>” message that appeared in the left window.  Bad things happened. 
 The <hound> callsign was put into the callsign box, the messages were 
re-written to address the <hound>.  These effects are understandable, and 
reversible.  But most significantly, the transmit phase was reversed.  I found 
myself transmitting when Fox was transmitting.  Since the “phase” control is 
dimmed in this mode, I wasn’t able to correct it.  I had to stop the program 
and restart.  If I understand it correctly, Foxes and Hounds are assigned fixed 
transmit slots.  If that is the case, then double-clicking shouldn’t be able to 
change that assignment.

I hope this helps.

Dave / NX6D

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