On 10/03/2018 19:52, Black Michael via wsjt-devel wrote:
Allow UDP clients (e.g. JTAlert) to set up Std Messages for nonCQ calls without Tx Enable.  Rename displayText objects.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jvp6cv5xwv6xg3/noncq.patch?dl=1 <https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jvp6cv5xwv6xg3/noncq.patch?dl=0>

This works with the current JTAlert as-is and users of JTAlert can now click on non-CQ calls to place them in the Rx window and Tx will not be enabled.  Works well to click on numerous calls to place them in the Rx window and then select who you want to work.  No more hunting in the Band window for them.

HI Mike,

did you post the correct patch file? I see lots of changes that seem related to single-clicking decodes. This change should be simple to implement by allowing incoming Reply UDP messages to do the same action as double-clicking any decode, from within WSJT-X,  rather than just CQ and QRZ decodes. The only complexity should be ensuring that "Enable Tx" is not triggered if the message is not a CQ or QRZ message.


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