Hello developers,

I am looking into supporting the RTP+RTCP protocol in CW Skimmer, and I want to do this in a way compatible with other software, including WSJTX. RTP seems to be the best way of exchanging the I/Q data between the programs, but it needs to be complemented with another protocol for reading and setting the radio's parameters. I was thinking about using NDJSON over TCP for that (https://github.com/ndjson/ndjson-spec), the solution that worked well in my GRITTY project (http://dxatlas.com/Gritty/). However, Hubert, HB9JND has drawn my attention to the new TCI protocol (https://github.com/maksimus1210/TCI) that seems to have all required radio control commands, but sends I/Q data via TCP. Do you think it would make sense to combine RTP+RTCP (for data) with TCI (for commands)? Would you be interested in supporting this combination in WSJTX? Are there any good alternatives to this solution?

73 Alex VE3NEA

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