FYI...a reboot seems to have solved this problem so it's not an ALC overshoot 
in my situation.ANAN 100 + Virtual Audio Cable,
Recording via audacity now looks rock solid where it was all over the place 
before.  I also have VoiceMeter Banana installed so if this happens again going 
to uninstall that.  But from what I can tell it wasn't doing anything (i.e. 
never opened it).

I'm doing a lot of testing right now with a new flrig backend for hamlib (much 
improved) but don't see how that could mess with the audio chain.
And completely at a loss for what in the audio chain could be doing to cause 
this behavior.  Seems there should be only two layers before Audacity sees the 
loopback.  WSJT-X and the virtual audio channel.  
Hmmm...wondering if this setting has something to do with it...going to change 
this do "do nothing".RIght now I don't see any effect but what the heck...

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