There is a "easy to reproduct" bug in the RC3 version

The sequence:
170900 -17  0.1 1272 ~  CQ 3B8MM LG89
170918  Tx      1272 ~  3B8MM F4HTQ JN25      
170930 -15  0.1 1271 ~  CQ 3B8MM LG89
170945  Tx      1272 ~  3B8MM F4HTQ JN25      
171015  Tx      1272 ~  3B8MM F4HTQ JN25      
171000 -16  0.1 1272 ~  SP5MNT 3B8MM -12
171015  17 -0.2 1272 ~  3B8MM F4HTQ JN25

3B8MM send a CQ
I respond to this CQ.
3B8MM don"t hear me.
3B8MM respond to SP5MNT station.

The software immediately switch to receive mode... ( this is the expected
behavior)  but the audio output don't stop !.
Finally  I decode my own audio emission (  171015  17 -0.2 1272 ~  3B8MM
F4HTQ JN25 ) with a SNR of 17.

After the bug occurred, I was unable to make new Tx. The software swtich to
Tx mode... but no audio is output. To restore the audio output I need to do
a sequence Halt Tx and Enable Tx

As PTT method I use VOX, I think this may be an important element.

David, F4HTQ.

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