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From: Jay Hainline <> 
Sent: April 12, 2018 12:30
Subject: [wsjt-devel] RX messages when using msk144 mode


Running WSJT-X v1.9.0-rc3 r8609 with Windows 10 64 bit. It has been brought
to my attention that the receive messages are no longer populating the right
side tx messages window when running with a station in msk144 mode. I made a
couple of meteor scatter contacts on 6 meters and see this behavior.  This
seems to be happening in the 1.9.0 RC versions. 1.8.0 works as before with
receive messages of your qso partner populating the right side window.
Please take a look. The left side band activity window can get very busy
when there are lots of stations on meteor scatter and your QSO partner's
messages will scroll off the top before you know it.


73 Jay


Jay Hainline KA9CFD

Colchester, IL  EN40om


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