Hello All,

My configuration is:

   - WSJT-X 2.1.2 on Windows 10 Home, "Split Operation"="Rig",
   - Icom IC-7300
   - OmniRig 1.19 with "IC-7300-DATA" rig profile

I recently noticed that sometimes there is no output power when WSJT-X puts
the rig in transmit mode.
When starting WSJT-X after operating in "Phone" SSB mode, VFO-B remains in
"USB" mode rather than use "USB-D" (data) mode.
If I manually change VFO-B to "USB-D" and continue to use WSJT-X,
transmission works as expected.

Attached is and Omnirig log file saved from this scenario:

   - Set VFO-B to "USB" mode, turn-off split mode
   - Execute WSJT-X
   - Click "Tune"
   - Click "Tune" again
   - Exit

Best regards and 73,

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