Who can open feature requests? I'm happy to do it, but it would probably get more attention if one of the devs did it.

Essentially I see the solution so:

- the exclusion pattern field needs to be moved from the Javascript preferences to the Validation preferences

- the pattern needs to be added as an exclusion rule to all validations, not just Javascript validation

I looked at the property file org.eclipse.wst.validation.prefs hoping to be able to configure what I need manually, but that format is unreadable :(

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Subject: Re: [wtp-dev] Is Validation dead?
From: Victor V. Rubezhny <vrubez...@redhat.com>
To: Adam Hardy <adam...@cyberspaceroad.com>, General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues. <wtp-dev@eclipse.org>
Date: Wed Sep 21 2016 22:53:38 GMT+0100 (GMT Standard Time)

Oh, no. This preference is only about JavaScript - we had a lot of complains on
old JavaScript parser that was giving too many false positives in its validation
while it actually was not able to parse most of those scripts (like the minified
ones), so we decided to add this 'exclude from parsing/validation' option for
JSDT projects.
For the rest of validators you can only choose to disable validation on a
project at all using Project Properties->Validation (requires to enable the
project specific settings) or on whole workspace using
Window->Preferences->Validation, as well as to play with different validators
preferences like Window->Preferences->Web->HTML Files->Validation (or
...JSON->JSON Files->Validation and so on).

I believe that someone may open a feature request to make it possible to exclude
some files/folders in a project from any kind of validation in Eclipse WTP, and
personally me finds such a feature request reasonable and really useful for some


On 09/21/2016 09:49 PM, Adam Hardy wrote:
Hi Victor
is the default exclusions pattern meant to apply to all validation types, or
just to Javascript and Client-side Javascript validation? I see validation
errors in node_modules and bower_components from HTML Syntax validation, JSON
validation and from Web Resources validation as well in my current project.


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Subject: Re: [wtp-dev] Is Validation dead?
From: Victor V. Rubezhny <vrubez...@redhat.com>
To: wtp-dev@eclipse.org
Date: Wed Sep 21 2016 16:59:59 GMT+0100 (GMT Standard Time)

Hello Adam,

why not to use Windows->Preferences->JavaScript->Include Path->Default exclusion
patterns ?

By default it should be set to the following pattern:
**/*.min.js,**/node_modules/*,**/bower_components/* which means like 'not to
validate any files those names ends with min.js (minified javascript files) or
is placed inside any node_modules or bower_components folders.

Please check if you have such exclusion patterns set in your workspace (for some
reasons, like using an old workspace or saving improper values for the exclusion
patterns setting they (the exclusion patterns) might not to work, but if you're
creating a new workspace all should work properly (and the patterns I specified
above are used to be the default value).

In case you see that exclusion patterns are properly specified, but files in
bower_components and/or node_modules folder are still being validated then
please file a bug to bugzilla here:
and add description on how workspace was created, which kinds of projects it
consists of, what is your test project configuration and what values are used
for the exclusion patterns. Feel free to attach any log files if you see some
error messages that are related to the issue by your opinion.

Thanks in advance,
Victor Rubezhny,

On 09/21/2016 05:21 PM, Adam Hardy wrote:
With the default settings, Eclipse will validate everything in node_modules
and bower_components and any other directories I create.

This took ages and produced a ton of errors, so I turned off validation.

If I want to use validation without seeing tons of these 3rd party errors, I
have to add an 'exclude' group in each type of validation (approx 25) and add
in each directory manually.

This is a lot of work, and then I have to decide if I apply it in the
workspace settings, which will be lost when I upgrade Eclipse next, or for
each project.

Is validation functionally dead because of this, or is there a work-around, or
is there a solution in the pipeline, like allowing global include/exclude

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