Hi all,
    After a long time, I wish to reconstruct a working PyschoPath XPath2
processor & its corresponding test cases, on my local development
workstation (I want to do this, for Xerces verification/development which
means I would like to use the PyschoPath XPath2 source branch
R3_2_maintenance & test cases branch R3_2_xpath2_14unittests).

When I use the following JAR for the PyschoPath XPath2 processor,
(this was made from the last good PsychoPath source code from branch,
R3_2_maintenance), all the test cases pass from R3_2_xpath2_14unittests.

But when I use the source code of PyschoPath XPath2 processor (from branch
R3_2_maintenance), and not its JAR mentioned above to run the test cases
from R3_2_xpath2_14unittests I get these results: Total tests 8278, errors
90, failures 72. I've currently tried much but I can't seem to pass all the
test cases. Can somebody (maybe Jesper) try to reconstruct this scenario
and cross-verify my results, or can give me a good clue how I should debug
this problem?

Mukul Gandhi
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