Hi Bret,

I have committed the code for 'FireWatir' in branch named 'firefox'. Now we can run WATiR scripts against 'Firefox'  browser.

Anyone who wants to have a quick preview can download the code from this branch. For using the version follow the instructions provided in the 'installation doc' provided.

The current version is very slow as compared to IE. But if you use xpath for selecting the elements it will be much faster but will still be slow with respect to IE.

This version contains following things:

1. Support for following elements:
     Buttons, checkbox, filefield, hidden elements, images, links, radiobuttons, selectbox, textbox.
2. Support for Window pop-ups.
3. Support for _javascript_ pop-ups. This is using AutoIt3 but needs to be more better that what it is right now. There may be problems with this.

Future plans:
1. Provide support for other elements.
2. Provide good support for handling _javascript_ pop-ups.
3. Make it more faster.

In case you face any problems please feel free to contact me.


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