Hi all,

I'd like to send out another annoucement asking for people to contribute to
the Watir user guide and volunteer. I've started poking around at the user
guide today and made a few changes, notably to update view source with the
ie developer toolbar. I'll make further changes if as I get time, but am
making the call for volunteers to add information and help out, much of
which is related to Watir 1.5. Let me know if you're interested in helping

 I'll also suggest helping out on the lists or whereever you think you
might be useful. If you've worked with  Ruby or Watir for more than a couple
of days, you're a couple of days ahead of the next person and can provide
some knowledge, don't be afraid to be wrong, jump in. Additionally there is
a section on the wiki for user contributions as you write code that might be
useful to other people. This is an open source project that depends on
community involvement.

(Starting to sound like a pbs pledge drive).


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