Bret Pettichord wrote:
> Christopher Rasch wrote:
>> Thanks!  How should we contribute to the User Guide?  It doesn't appear
>> to be user editable:
> This HTML file is stored in our SVN  repository.
> I think one question Zeljko needs to address is what form he wants it to 
> be. I think he said something about breaking it into separate files, 
> which is fine. Another option is to migrate it to the wiki, which would 
> make eat easier to get contributions from others...

Okay, thanks!  My vote would be to put it in the Wiki.

> Yes this is our wiki. Anybody can edit the wiki. If you see something 
> that could be improved please just go ahead and make the change. If you 
> have bold changes you are considering, but would like review first, you 
> can always create a new page with the changes and then solicit review.


>> Under what license do you publish the Watir documention? 
> I suppose it is covered by the same BSD license that covers the code. 
> Why do you ask? Do you have suggestions or concerns?

I want to put a notice that anyone can use the documentation that I
write on my blog, and I wanted to make sure that the license I chose was
compatible with the license for Watir's documentation.


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