Eine kleine Richtigstellung aus Barcelona: JB meinte "Bologna", nicht




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> Liebe Grandmasters und Great Grandmasters,
> zu Eurer Info nachfolgende Einladung zum Big Mut am 15./16. Juni 2019 in
> Barcelona.
> Bei Interesse folgt bitte den unten aufgeführten Links. Die unten erwähnte
> Broschüre ist auf Nachfrage bei mir zu erhalten (vermutlich dürfte aber
> alle Infos auch online zu finden sein)
> Herzliche Grüße
> Jörg
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> Jörg Benner
> Geschäftsführer DFV e.V.
> Martinusstr. 9, 50765 Köln
> Tel.: 0221-99374019
> www.frisbeesportverband.de
> Hello!
> We are emailing you to announce again the first ever European Grass
> Tournament for Grand Masters! Happening on the 15th and 16th of June in
> Bologna.
> We are reaching out again because we need your help!
> We want this tournament to be an integral part of the emerging Grand
> Masters and Great Grand Masters scene in Europe, and in order to do this we
> need to get the word out.
> Every year more and more European Players are reaching Grand Master age
> and this tournament can help start a larger Grand Masters activity across
> the countries of Europe.
> Therefore *please help us spread the word and send the attached brochure
> to any relevant players in your country. Also, if you know of any Grand
> Masters or Great Grand Masters teams, please put us in contact with them.*
> *Finally, if you have a list of players who are over 40 (for men) or over
> 37 (for women), we would greatly appreciate it if you could send us their
> names and contact emails so we can reach out to them directly.*
> Alejandro Aragon
> Tournament Director of #BIGMUT2019
> Our website is https://www.masterfrisbee.com/bigmut2019
> facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2118503315140103/
> contact email: bigmut2...@gmail.com
> Please also check this group:
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1837090009709740/about/
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