noch 4 Wochen bis zur Junioren DM. Das ist aber auch leider schon das letzte 
Junior-Turnier der Saison...halt nein!Wir laden wieder nach Leipzig ein zum 
Junior Mixed,
Es verspricht dieses Jahr noch internationaler zu werden als bisher. Und, 
Feiertag sei Dank, sind es diesmal auch ganze drei Tage. Alle Infos unten.
Freun uns auf Euch,
Pizza Volante

Christoph Dehnhardt +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764
Dear friends! after an amazing JJUC in Wroclaw, it is now time for the second 
half of the youth season. We in Leipzig are determined to keep the Youth Mixed 
momentum going and organize our 3rd annual youth mixed tournament, and would 
like like to invite you all. Please feel free to spread this invitation to any 
interested youth teams or players you know of. Date: october 1-3 2022Venue: as 
before Teichstr. 12 in Leipzig, Germany (200k south of Berlin)Divisions: U17 
Mixed, U20 Mixed. Possibly also a 1 day U14 eventCosts: free for foreign teams, 
€100 for GER teamsAccomodation: camping on site. There may be indoor sleeping 
options if weather becomes bad.Food: breakfast available; day time buffet and 
dinner will also be available. YES it is 3 days! Germans have oct 3 off from 
school. All others: make sure to book that day off soon! We will start 
relatively late on saturday (eg 11am), so the teams that have a long trip can 
sleep long. Also we will finish monday already around 1pm, so you can all get 
home at a reasonable time. The actual format will be decided on once the teams 
have expressed their interest. Deadline for this is september 5th. Right now we 
are planning on 7vs7 but may change depending on what suits most 
The main aim of the event is to let as many players as possible enjoy playing 
international. We try to give players a lot of ulti for as little money as 
possible, to make it accessible to all.Teams from POL, CZE, AUT, BEL and SUI 
have already expressed their interest, and of course from GER. It need not 
necessarily be high level teams; all youth mixed squads are welcome, also pick 
ups. Please do get in touch for any questions; also let us know if you are 
interested but cannot yet committ to come, eg for lack of players. All the 
best, Pizza Volante           
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