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I'm trying to make a project that has an a2dcanvas and a tool controller 
derived from a2dStToolContr.

I'm trying to make it so that when the editing tool a2dRecursiveEditTool is popped onto the a2dStToolContr stack, that when a certain a2dRect is selected, that the user will be unable to rotate the rectangle.

I think you mean pushed instead of popped.

a2dObjectEditTool is I think better for you.

I've searched and found a supposed solution, but it does not work (here: https://sourceforge.net/p/wxart2d/mailman/message/18925778/)

Here is the code for adding the rectangle:

a2dCanvasDocument* root = CameraView->GetCanvasDocument();

m_ToolController = new MyCanvasStToolContr(CameraView->GetCanvasView(),

m_ToolController->SetTopTool( new a2dDragTool(m_ToolController));

a2dRect *Rect = new a2dRect(0,0,2,2);

Rect->SetStroke(wxColour(0,255,0), STROKE_WIDTH,


a2dCanvasObject::PROPID_Allowrotation->SetPropertyToObject(Rect, false);
a2dCanvasObject::PROPID_Allowskew->SetPropertyToObject(Rect, false);

But the edit tool is always able to rotate and skew the rectangle above. How do 
I get this to work??

There was a bug, I fixed it.
See single2 example for the property, seems to work now.

(It occurs to me that perhaps the reason this doesn't work is that the edit tool creates a clone of the object that it is editing, and perhaps the property of "do not allow rotation" doesn't get cloned with it?)

No, the bug did reset them to true.

If still a problem, let me know.



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