I have just installed wxHaskell 2.9.3 on OS X Lion from source.

When I run cabal install wx, wxc building fails with the following error:

src/cpp/ewxw_main.cpp: In function ‘void
ELJApp_InitializeC(wxClosure*, int, char**)’:
src/cpp/ewxw_main.cpp:99: warning: deprecated conversion from string
constant to ‘char*’
src/cpp/ewxw_main.cpp:112: error: ‘wxPendingEvents’ was not declared
in this scope
src/cpp/ewxw_main.cpp: In function ‘void ELJApp_initialize(void*, bool
(*)(), int, void*)’:
src/cpp/ewxw_main.cpp:123: error: ‘wxPendingEvents’ was not declared
in this scope

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