Very recently, I installed wxc- and defeated a compile error
building on the libgtk-3-dev package in Ubuntu (and a manually installed
wxWidgets-2.9.4).  The trouble started because gcc 4.6.3 errored out on a
    *_ref = NULL;
claiming it didn't know what a wxBitmap was.

This traces to
/usr/local/include/wx-2.9/wx/gtk/bitmap.h : which included two definitions:
    wxBitmap( const char* const* bits );
    wxBitmap(GdkPixbuf* pixbuf);

I picked one by modifying line 159 of
src/cpp/eljpen.cpp : to read
EWXWEXPORT(void,wxPen_GetStipple)(void* self,wxBitmap* _ref)
#if defined(__WXGTK__)
    *_ref = wxBitmap((const char* const*)NULL);
    *_ref = *(((wxPen*)self)->GetStipple());

and the thing compiled.

~ David M. Rogers
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