I am trying to understand/fix problems with treeCtrl, which is crashing (see 
related bug report). I got sources from github, but after some time I saw that 
the cabal version nr of wxdirect from the git archive 
is lower than the cabal version nr from the darcs archive 
(http://code.haskell.org/wxhaskell/wxdirect/wxdirect.cabal), and similarly for 
the wx package, but just the other way around. Hence the question 'which repo 
is the one actually in use?' and against which repo patches can be committed? 
Related to this, both archives are inactive anyway since summer 2012, both are 
also still mentioned on the wxHaskell wiki, activity on this mailinglist is 
low, so is any development/maintenance done at all?

I am asking these questions as I am fixing a legacy wxHaskell app (7 years 
old), and also trying to figure out whether wxHaskell is still a good way to go 
for future GUI development. For the record, I like wxHaskell, but I need to 
know (probably like others using wxHaskell) whether wxHaskell (or for that 
matter, any GUI programming in Haskell/GHC) is going to be used/maintained in 
the long run, and for that some basics (like which repo is used) need to be 


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