So it's been a week since Atze has agreed to take on maintainership of
wxHaskell.  Shall we perhaps make it official with an announcement
(and hope to see Jeremy again sometime in the future, availability

Thanks to both of you for work keeping wxHaskell going!
This can take off with the right sort of effort :-)


On 6 June 2013 09:23, harry <> wrote:
> Atze Dijkstra <atze@...> writes:
>> ...
> I'll be happy to validate on Windows - I think this already works, if you
> merge in all the fixes from the several github forks.
> As regards maintaining the bindings, one of the GSOC projects is
> concentrating on SWIG bindings for Haskell. They're doing it in the context
> of Qt, but hopefully it will be good for Wx as well.
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