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> Great! So hopefully all the work targeting 2.9.x pays off now, and it's  
> just a matter of bumping a few version numbers in the build files?
> How far do you reckon wxHaskell is from its next release?

There are no version numbers of wxWidgets in wxHaskell, it is a matter of
indicating where the wxWidgets installation is, against which you want to
build. There may be some differences between wxWidgets 2.9.5 and 3.0.0,
that may require changes in wxHaskell; not all previous changes in
wxWidgets are processed so far.

It is difficult to say, whether or not we want to release the current
wxHaskell; there is a difference of day and night, as far as Windows users
is concerned, as the current Hackage package cannot be installed on a
Windows computer. There are, however, still serious bugs in the GitHub

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