Sorry, just one more follow-up.

4. I've published my branch at (in 
the process I've renamed the two WIP patches and simplified the build to only 
look for wxWidgets 2.9)

Note that this work is very far behind Dave and Jeremy's efforts.  I'm hoping 
it'll eventually be obsolete in some future when we've merged everything we 
need to merge.


On 7 Mar 2012, at 13:31, Eric Kow wrote:
> 1. I noticed this piece of text from the wxWidgets wiki [wxWidgets]:
> If you want 64-bit wxWidgets on OS X you'll need 2.9+ and configure 
> -with-osx_cocoa - see below; but remember that 2.9 is not an official, stable 
> release and wxOSX/Cocoa is not yet complete.
> This means that Lion users (and Snow Leopard with 64 bit GHC) will *have* to 
> use the Cocoa build after all, no choice about it.  I'd been using it pretty 
> much for the heck of it, but it turns out to have been a fortunate choice.
> 2. Doaitse, I'm sorry, it seems your cry for help last October happened 
> before people started trying to use wxHaskell on Lion.  Did you see this 
> recent thread with hopefully more of a guide?
> 3. Otherwise, have not yet had a chance to poke around and see if there is a 
> way to make things work with just one of Jeremy's or Dave's branches.  So 
> will be using the patch bundle I mentioned in this email thread until then.  

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