On 13 Mar 2012, at 20:51, Paul-Michael Sorhaindo wrote:
> So after reading a blog post, I think it was your own talking about Debian 
> and wxHaskell. I decided to use the repository on darcsden. I've forked and 
> pulled the repository. After  running "cabal install" in in the wx folder I 
> get this error

Also, one thing I noticed:

When building from checked out sources (rather than packages on hackage), you 
need to do this:
[this applies to Dave's branch and my branch of his branch]

cd wxdirect
cabal install
cd ..

cd wxc
cabal install
cd ..

cd wxcore
cabal install
cd ..

cd wx
cabal install
cd ..

If you just cd directly into wx without first going through wxdirect, etc, what 
will happen is that cabal-install will attempt to fetch the hackage version of 
wx's dependencies, ie. the hackage wxcore, etc.  However, what you really want 
is to install the darcs wxcore to go with the darcs wx.

If you prefer using sandboxed build environments, you should be able to do 
something like

cabal install cabal-dev
cabal install ./wxdirect ./wxc ./wxcore ./wx

Hope this helps,

Eric Kow <http://erickow.com>

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