I'm currently updating  reactive-banana-wx  to use the new  wx-0.90 
branch and I've encountered a few issues with GHCi support and TextCtrl 

GHCi support is currently a mixed blessing on MacOS X. It works the 
first time but tends to crash when trying to call the start function 
again. Of course, this is not unexpected, but maybe it's possible to fix 
it to some extend. I had similar problems when dealing with the OpenAL 
or the GLFW frameworks, the "solution" was often to simply skip the 
termination routines. Not pretty, but it works.

On that note, the  EnableGUI  trick is very cumbersome, it would be 
nicer if this could simply be integrated into wxHaskell, i.e. calling 
the  start  function will immediately enable the GUI thing. I can try to 
look into this.

The more important issue is that TextCtrl widgets have changed their 
behavior: the  entry  function will now create a multiline widget! To 
create a single-line text entry widgets, I have to use the  textCtrlEx 
function with flag 0 . This is extremely weird. Also, the latter widget 
sometimes crashes on me when trying to set the text, but the former 
doesn't. This is so weird that I can't even tell whether the problem is 
likely with wxWidgets or with the Haskell bindings.

Best regards,
Heinrich Apfelmus


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