I suspect something went wrong when building something...
ghc-pkg describe wxc 
gives this:
library-dirs: C:\other\bin C:\ghc\ghc-7.4.1\mingw\lib              
C:\other\wxWidgets-2.9.3\lib\gcc_dllhs-libraries:extra-libraries: uuid 
wxmsw29u_xrc wxmsw29u_stc wxmsw29u_richtext                 wxmsw29u_ribbon 
wxmsw29u_propgrid wxmsw29u_webview wxmsw29u_aui                 wxmsw29u_gl 
wxmsw29u_media wxmsw29u_html wxmsw29u_adv wxmsw29u_core                 
wxbase29u_xml wxbase29u_net wxbase29u wxtiff wxjpeg wxpng wxzlib                
 wxregexu wxexpat opengl32 glu32 kernel32 user32 gdi32 comdlg32                 
wxregexu winspool winmm shell32 comctl32 ole32 oleaut32 uuid rpcrt4             
    advapi32 wsock32extra-ghci-libraries:include-dirs: 
C:\other\wxWidgets-2.9.3\lib\gcc_dll\mswu              "C:\\Dokumente und 

Can someone send the same output of a working wxHaskell ?
Attempting to use ghci gives me
Loading package wxc- ... ghc.exe: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)  
(GHC version 7.4.1 for i386-unknown-mingw32):     loadArchive 
"C:\\other\\wxWidgets-2.9.3\\lib\\gcc_dll\\libwxmsw29u_xrc.a": failed
The error comes because ghci cannot handle the .data$4 section into the above 
archive library.
I am not even sure why the attempt is being made to load the above file. I 
don't see any dependencies to it in the DLL's.
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