Hi Eric
Thanks a lot for the responses.

On 11 Jun 2012, at 09:20, Eric Kow wrote:
> Have you considered adopting some sort of package management/installation 
> software like Homebrew or MacPorts?
> It could make life a lot easier than trying to build things by hand.

I will take a look.. I did consider it (and others recommended it) but having 
already forced myself to step into the cold water 
and try and figure out some of this basic unixy stuff I thought I may as well 
stay on one track, and had reached the point 
over this last week where building the wxWidgets package itself now seemed 
quite familiar at least  ;-) 
It's pretty easy with the wxWidgets configuration tool, albeit it takes a bit 
of time for it to make it all.

>> I then saw Unresolved QuickTime dependency on Mac OS X? on github and 
>> remembered I had received:
>> "ld: warning: in /System/Library/Frameworks//QuickTime.framework/QuickTime, 
>> missing required architecture x86_64 in file"
>> In fact this warning is repeated throughout the terminal output. It seems to 
>> occur every time there is a g++ command that 
>> (just a guess at this point) is linking the 2.9.3 widgets lib (has parameter 
>> "-L/Users/henrylockyer/wxWidgets/wxWidgets-2.9.3/build-cocoa-debug/lib", 
>> and also has the param "-framework QuickTime" ).
> I just tend to shrug and ignore the issue myself (using a 64 bit GHC)

Are you running 64 bit with wxHaskell on Snow Leopard ?

I initially saw it as 'just a warning' and was going to ignore it but Conal 
Elliot who raised the above problem report seemed to be trying
to run the same setup as I was and it seemed to be causing a fairly basic 
breakdown. (*Presumably* 64 bit HP)
I also noted that on the wxHaskell/Mac page the "known to be working 
configurations" list only mentions 32 bit with Snow Leopard.
Hence my question:

>> I chose the 64 bit GHC option, so would I need to go back and reload this in 
>> 32 bit form?

I did not completely understand Heinrich Apfelmus' suggested solution to the 
above problem: why go for universal binary widgets 
if you just want to change over to a 32bit solution (including GHC) ?
But I supposed this might be more to do with macports (?). Maybe there is not a 
convenient 32-bit only version on macports, but just guessing.

(I also posted a little of the results of my own playing with trying to build a 
64-bit widgets without QuickTime framework at
https://github.com/jodonoghue/wxHaskell/issues/2 )

>> Before I started the install attempt I was also a little unclear from 
>> reading the 
>> page at http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/WxHaskell  says ver. 2.8.x is 
>> easiest to get working, 
>> but the "Building and Installing / MacOS X" linked page at 
>> http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/WxHaskell/MacOS_X
>> only talks about wxWidgets version 2.9, implying wxHaskell 0.9, no mention 
>> of 0.13, so I went with 0.9.   
>> Is wxHaskell 0.13 also ok for MacOS X?  Would this be better? 
> I think the basic story is that  wxHaskell 0.13 is easier for Windows, and 
> 0.90 for Mac. You need it for 64 bit GHC, and it works fine with 32 bit, so 
> rather than struggle to correctly maintain two sets of install instructions, 
> we just went with the latter.

OK. That gives some encouragement to stay with 0.90 ! 

Regards/ Henry

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