On 22/05/2012 10:23, Jeremy O'Donoghue wrote:
> Hi Hiratara,
>     I want to compile a sample program which uses wxHaskell
>     on Mac OS X Lion, but I couldn't build it.
>     I compiled HelloWorld.hs and I got following linker errors.
> ...
>     "_wxListItemAttr_GetFont", referenced from:
>           _s1Bh9_info in libHSwxcore-
>           _s2Ji1_info in libHSwxcore-
> ...
> I need to check, but this looks as though you have a version of wxc
> which is incompatible with the wxcore you have. This is almost probably
> my fault (incorrect dependencies), and nothing to do with you - the
> install steps you have taken look correct to me.
> I will check whether I see the same problem on a clean install of
> wxHaskell, and upload a new version if needed.
Has there been any further progress on this issue?  I too am seeing 
these link errors.  In my case I installed wxWidgets via macports 
(wxWidgets-devel @2.9.3) and specified a universal build.

-- CMcP

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