OK, I now have a fix for this craziness:


For those just starting out, it would be best to grab TDM's
tdm-gcc-4.6.1 compiler here:


You'll want a development MinGW distro that's compatible with the
Haskell platform's included GCC 4.5.2 version.

Hack your WxWidgets include\wx\dlimpexp.h file, line 37, resulting in:

# elif defined(__GNUC__)
__declspec could be used here too but let's use the native
__attribute__ instead for clarity.
# define WXEXPORT __attribute__((dllexport))
# define WXIMPORT __attribute__((dllimport))
# endif

and build WxWidgets with:


You'll get quick starting, lower memory use Haskell binaries, after
your WxHaskell install from cabal.

Unregister any previous versions where needed:

ghc-pkg unregister wx
ghc-pkg unregister wxcore
ghc-pkg unregister wxc
ghc-pkg unregister wxdirect

Install based on fresh WxWidgets build:

cabal install wxdirect wxc wxcore wx

Compile HelloWorld, run, then break for pizza and beer!

On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 8:28 PM, Simon Peter Nicholls
<si...@mintsource.org> wrote:
> I'm seeing the slow startup issue for the c++ sample apps anyway, so I
> think the issue is in the base wxwidgets 2.9(.4) gcc build. No
> problems with Linux 2.9 or Windows wxPack 2.8.12.

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