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On 19 Mar 2013, at 20:32, Luc TAESCH wrote:
> Now on the feedback side: 
> - 1/ Macosx
> ( once the line was compiled)
> I thought it was failing because cabal-macosx was missing.
> this step from [1] made me believe I was expecting an executable called 
> cabal-macosx when in fact the exe generated was called macosx-app

That's a good point.  It's called macosx-app for historical reasons (we used to 
ship a shell script called macosx-app, but I'd welcome an thin wrapper called 

A good part of things “just working” is lining up with what a person would 
unconsciously expect, which is hard to do.  But we have to keep chipping away 
at it.

> So many thnkas again , and this was the opportunity to realize the quick 
> support I could get on wxHaskell !!

Now the bad news: we've not been very active lately, and you might have gotten 
a bit lucky (I was taking the day off from work yesterday), but hopefully this 
sort of thing can improve.

wxHaskell needs a lot more love.
It's great to hear it working on a recent platform and MacOS X.

I've seen some Linux folks having some trouble lately, and am sorry not to be 
able to wheel my attention around to help them more.

It might be a good idea if you could update the Haskell wiki with your config 
just so people know that it is possible in practice to get it working on 
Mountain Lion.

Eric Kow <>

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