I did an upgrade to the current Haskell Platform (2014.2.0.0, = ghci 7.8), and 
now wxHaskell seems to be broken.

Environment seems to be OK:
   GHC_Versin = 7.8.3
   WxWin = e:\plang\Libraries\wxWidgets-3.0.1
  WxCfg = gcc_dll\mswu
PATH set as per directions 
I do notice that page is in terms of Version 2.9.5, I am not sure how that 
relates to the 3.0.1 version installed (as above).

I installed wxWidgets from: wxMSW-3.0.1-Setup

I did not build from source, but instead used: wxMSW.exe; 
I also did a cabal install of (wx, wxcore), and all seemed to go well.

    trying to run wxHello in GHCi fails - can't find uuid.dll

   Trying to compile from GHC works, but execution fails: Cannot fine procedure 
entry point wxBitmapToggleButton_Create in dynamic library wxc.dll

   Trying to run from Leksah, fails: cabal missing dependency GLFW -any


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