I think you are right about Windows, but it does pass them on Linux, and this 
does make my app work on Ubuntu. It is not the RTS args that are the problem, 
it is the args for the application that come after. Windows has the further 
problem of bypassing the passed args completely. My take was that once Windows 
has a way to stop the Win32 call, it still has the problem this solved.


I compiled up wxWidgets 3.0.2 on Ubuntu so I could try to hack it a bit, and 
then compile the git head of wxHaskell as referenced in a sandbox, and compiled 
by ghc 7.8.4 and get this link error:

.../.cabal-sandbox/lib/x86_64-linux-ghc-7.8.4/wxc- undefined 
reference to `wxDateTime::SetHour(unsigned short)@WXU_UNOFFICIAL_3.0’

I can’t find any references WXU_UNOFFICIAL_3.0 in any code, and the @WXU… is 
unfamiliar to me.

I ran ./configure for wxHaskell and it finds 3.0.2. Yet the problem persists. 
My assumption is I can run ./configure in the source tree and then reference 
that tree in a sandbox. 

I remembered that when I installed wxWidgets with apt-get it had names with 
“unofficial” in them. When I removed it I used apt-get purge to get rid of any 
configurations. Is there something that might have been left behind by the 
apt-get version?


On Apr 4, 2015, at 4:55 PM, Henk-Jan van Tuyl <hjgt...@chello.nl> wrote:

> On Sat, 04 Apr 2015 21:19:43 +0200, Michael Jones <m...@proclivis.com> wrote:
>> I have made a solution to the args problem. To review, if the latest code on 
>> github is used on Ubuntu, and if agreements are passed on the command line 
>> of the application, wxHaskell does a “getArgs” and passes them on, and then 
>> there is an error on the command line. On Windows with the most recent 
>> wxWidgets code, it pops a similar dialog.
>> To get around the problem, I created startExt, runExt, and argsOnInitExt so 
>> that I can pass a [String]. This allows me to filter out agreements not 
>> destined for wx.
>> I have attached a patch below to show what I did.
>> Perhaps one of the developers can give this some consideration. I can 
>> certainly post the patch in the bug tracker if desired, just tell me where 
>> it is. I am not sure if the one on source forge is in use or not, as the 
>> last date is Aug 2014.
> The bug tracker on SourceForge is still in use, it has been quiet for a while 
> in wxHaskell world.
> The patch is not the solution, I wish it were that simple. GHC's run time 
> system filters out the RTS parameters, this can be demonstrated with the 
> following program (Arguments.hs):
>> import System.Environment
>> main = getArgs >>= print
> The command
>  Arguments x +RTS -RTS y
> results in:
>  ["x","y"]
> wxWidgets (at least on Windows) does not use the arguments that are passed 
> with wxcAppInitializeC, but reads directly from the argument buffer.
> Regards,
> Henk-Jan van Tuyl
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