This feature causes x265 to create the VUI messages (as before), consider
them for the purpose of rate control, but then discard them instead of
writing them into the output bitstream.  The idea is to allow for an
identical encode (or near-identical if VBV is enabled) to a previous
encoding pass, but by stripping out the non-essential SEI NAL units, the
bit rate is reduced.

This was a specific request from a specific company, and most users of x265
won’t find this feature to be important.

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*Sent:* Wednesday, September 21, 2016 4:55 AM
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*Subject:* Re: [x265] [PATCH] vui: Fix discard-vui to only remove optional
VUI information

To enable/disable VUI signalling in SPS, wouldn't a --vui/--no-vui option
have been more intuitive? I'm not sure I understand the discard**?

All fields in the VUI are optional (strictly speaking, from an HEVC
standard point of view), so how were the HRD, timing info fields identified
as discardable? How does this interact with --hrd?

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