On 02/05/18 02:31, John Comeau wrote:
https://bitbucket.org/multicoreware/x265/issues/139 was solved over a
year ago by rmous...@us.ibm.com when he wrote

the issue should be closed and the bounty awarded as appropriate.

I've done some testing to prove that the altivec code is indeed being
used by the binary when built on the PPC architecture, and produces an
hevc video that plays the same as one produced on an x86_64 system. I
can provide access to the PPC instance to anyone who wishes to verify
before closing the issue.

this is my 3rd attempt to send the email. since this mailman list
doesn't seem to have archives, I can't tell if it went out or not; but
I never got the email from the list, and I checked both that and the
option to get a confirmation, and neither arrived.

FWIW, I can see all three of your messages.
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