Dear all,

the X2Go project is proud to announce a new release of the X2Go
component ,,nx-libs''.

New gains of this version of ,,nx-libs'' are:

  o Add kernel socket namespace support. Fixes failing
    nxproxy/nxagent execution on systems where
    is in use.
  o Fix xkeyboard-2.6 incompatibility issues. (Maybe not all of them,
    so please report back...).
  o Fix PPC64 support. (Thanks to Mihai Moldovan for digging into this!!!)
  o Allow building nxproxy/nxcomp on Android. (Thanks to Nito Martínez
    from the QVD project for sending in this patch).
  o New option: -state <statefile>. More accurately detect the
    current session state via an external status file. This is part
    of the bugfix for X2Go BTS issue #302.
  o Allow clipboard={none,client,server,both} as NX option.
  o Plus some minor issues (see changelog below...)

X2Go Component: nx-libs
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 14:05:46 +0200
Fixes these bug report(s): 40 339 490 504 505 515 516
 nx-libs ( RELEASED; urgency=low
   [ Mihai Moldovan ]
   * Add 029_nxcomp_ppc64.full+lite.patch. Fix sockaddr handling on
     Big Endian systems (like PPC64). (Fixes: #515).
   * Add 057_nx-X11_sanitize-eventmasks.full.patch. Fix
     failures in session windows coming up on Big Endian systems
     like PPC64. (Fixes: #516).
   * Improve 105_nxagent_export-remote-keyboard-config.full.patch.
     Don't print out nonsensical information, if there really was
     no error when creating the keyboard file or the other way around.
     Also add the reason when failing to create the keyboard file.
     Only print an error message if SessionPath *really* is not defined.
   * Improve 028_nx-X11_abstract-kernel-sockets.full.patch. Make it more
     Big Endian robust by assigning correct types for socklen_t objects.
   * Add 990_fix-DEBUG-and-TEST-builds.full.patch. Fix debug builds (e.g.
     when globally setting -DDEBUG and -DTEST at build time).
   [ Nito Martínez ]
   * Add 212_nxcomp_build-on-Android.patch. Fix FTBFS of nxproxy/nxcomp when
     build against the Android system. (Fixes: #339).
   [ Oleksandr Shneyder ]
   * Add 210_nxagent_nxcomp_save_session_state.full+lite.patch. Save session
     state in path specified by "state" option in agent options file. If
     option is omitted, session state will not be saved. Session states are:
   * Add 211_nxcomp_set_default_options.full+lite.patch. Set default arguments
     for options 'link' and 'pack' to avoid session damage by resuming with
     incorrect options file.
   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * Add 606_nx-X11_build-on-aarch64.full.patch. Build on aarch64
     architectures. (Fixes: #490).
* Add 027_nxcomp_abstract-X11-socket.full+lite.patch. In proxy mode "server" let NX proxy attempt connecting to the abstract X11 socket first, and only
     fallback to the file system socket, if the abstract socket is not
     available. (Fixes: #505).
   * Add 028_nx-X11_abstract-kernel-sockets.full.patch. Provide abstract local
     socket support for Linux based systems. This patch pulls in abstract
     socket relevant code from xtrans 1.2.7. (Fixes: #504).
   * Add 302_nx-X11_xkbbasedir-detection.patch. For detecting XkbBaseDir
     test for xkb/rules/base instead of testing for deprecated file
     xkb/keymap.dir. (Fixes: #40).
   * Add 206_nxagent_clipboard-as-nxoption.full.patch. Make the clipboard
     option configurable in nxagent via NX options as addition to the
     command line parameter -clipboard. Note that the command line
     parameter overrides the clipboard NX option. Possible values are
     both or 1, client, server, none or 0.
   * Update patches, to make them apply cleanly after above changes:
     + 220_nxproxy-bind-loopback-only.full+lite.patch
     + 016_nx-X11_install-location.debian.patch
     + 056_nx-X11-Werror-format-security.full.patch
     + 108_nxagent_wine-close-delay.full.patch
     + 300_nxagent_set-wm-class.full.patch
     + 320_nxagent_configurable-keystrokes.full.patch
   * Rename patches to match our naming scheme:
     + 008_nxcomp_sa-restorer.full+lite.patch
     + 009_nxagent_add-man-page.full.patch
     + 009_nxproxy_add-man-page.full+lite.patch
     + 056_nx-X11_Werror-format-security.full.patch
     + 209_x2goagent_add-man-page.full.patch
     + 220_nxproxy_bind-loopback-only.full+lite.patch

Mike Gabriel

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