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X2Go: The Gathering 2014 @ Linuxhotel

This year's X2Go community event will be a three-day "work and play"
(coding, chatting, sightseeing, socializing) event at Linuxhotel,
Essen, Germany.

*ATTENTION!* If you want to join us *and* want to sleep in one of the
hotel rooms at the Linuxhotel, we need the number of beds and nights you
want to reserve, as well as *your full name* (as printed on your
passport) and *your nationality* by *2014-09-18* *23:59:59* *CEST* (yes,
that's 2014-09-18, *not* 2014-10-18)!!!  Very important!!!  After that
date, we will be unable to reserve a room for you!  First come, first

Please send your reservation request to x2go-m...@baur-itcs.de with the
text "The Gathering" somewhere in the subject and bug me publicly on the
X2Go-Dev list if you don't receive a confirmation by e-mail after a day
or two.

Currently, the following core team members already have valid
registrations and thus do not need to re-register:
- - Mike#1
- - Mike#2
- - Stefan Baur
- - Heinz-M. Graesing (Sat/Sun only, so far)
(@Heinz-M. Graesing: Please let me know ASAP regarding Fri/Sat.)

If for some reason or other you do *not* need a place to sleep at
Linuxhotel, but *do* want to join us, please *still* let us know in
advance that you're planning to visit.  There's no such hard deadline as
for the room reservations, but you will need to "check in" (see
"Admission fee" below) for our gathering with the Linuxhotel staff, so
please *do* let us know in advance.

*Costs for Linuxhotel hotel rooms*
Rooms are available at 15 EUR/night (and since we're a two-night-,
three-day event, expect to pay 30 EUR total for the room).
Note that this is the price for a *shared* room, i.e. you will have at
least one other person (in some rooms, even two) sleeping in the same
room with you.

If you want a *single room*, the *price doubles* and we need to know
*ASAP*, as the amount of single rooms at Linuxhotel is *very* limited -
only 3 rooms available!

It is also possible to book only one of the two nights if you can't make
it for the entire weekend, but don't want to miss out on all the fun.

*Admission fee*
5 EUR/day, again, since we're a three-day event, expect to 15 EUR total.
This is a per-person conference room/infrastructure rent and beverages
flat rate - *this includes beer and wine*!
Food is not included in this fee.  Expect that there will be no
lunch/dinner served by Linuxhotel, thus it's totally cool with the
Linuxhotel management if you bring your own (if you're flying in from
abroad, please check import restrictions) or order from a delivery

You will have to pay in cash *upon arriving at Linuxhotel*.  Sorry, we
can't accept credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, bitcoins or
other forms of payment for this event - *cash only*.  Also, all payments
must be made in *Euro, not in foreign currencies*.  Sorry about that,
too.  The processing fees for non-cash and/or non-Euro payments would
drive up the prices.

We will be updating the Wiki page
as more information becomes available.  Certain things, like our
breakfast options, or having lunch/dinner served by Linuxhotel instead
of having to order from a delivery service (as it stands now), can only
be planned once we know the exact number of participants.

*For now, here's the Wiki text*

X2Go: The Gathering 2014 @ Linuxhotel

Date: 2014-10-31 to 2014-11-02

Three-day event at http://www.linuxhotel.de (for conditions, see:
https://www.linuxhotel.de/community.html /
http://www.linuxhotel.de/community.en.html, Essen ("work and play"
gathering; grid power, wifi, hotel style rooms, youth hostel-like
service, recreational facilities available, sightseeing tours/group
entertainment available in the evening)

Plan for Friday 2014-10-31:

    - arrival: 1800 hours/6pm local time (CET - Central European Time -
      note that daylight saving time in Germany ends a few days before
      this date)
    - option to order Pizza, bringing your own food is OK, too.
    - get-together in the chimney room (there's Wi-Fi and power, so if
      you want to code away, feel free to do so)

Plan for Saturday 2014-11-01:

    - breakfast between 0900 hours/9am - 1000 hours/10am local time
    - coding session in meeting room
    - English guided tour:
      http://www.zollverein.de/angebote/about-coal-and-miners starting
      1500 hours/3pm local time (note that we will have to leave
      Linuxhotel/Unperfekthaus before that, as our teleporter and time
      machine are still undergoing repairs ;-))
    - depending on majority vote, we will either have lunch before the
      guided tour, or dinner afterwards. We will go to the
      http://www.unperfekthaus.de restaurant, as they offer "flat rate"
      food and all items on their menu are tagged in English and German.

Plan for Sunday 2014-11-02:

    - breakfast between 0900 hours/9am - 1000 hours/10am local time
    - "room cleaning rage" (we need to clean the rooms ourselves,
      that's one of the reasons why the rates are so cheap)
      BELONGINGS BY 1000 hours/10am local time!
    - stowing of personal belongings in chimney room or conference room
    - option to order pizza
    - coding session
    - departure is around 1530 hours/3:30pm local time


    - planning and preparation - Stefan
    - liaison for Linuxhotel staff between 2014-10-31
      and 2014-11-02 - Mike#1

Stefan Baur, "X2Go: The Gathering" event organizer

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