Dear all,

the X2Go project is proud to announce a new release of the X2Go
component ,,python-x2go''.

New gains of this version of ,,python-x2go'' are:

  o HTTP X2Go Session Broker support
  o Telekinesis / mTelePlayer support (requires X2Go Server
  o Selection of clipboard mode (bidirectional, server->client
  o More exception catching when some error occurs during
    a running session / connected session
  o Great improvements concerning session cleanup
  o Require that X2Go Server commands are in $PATH
  o Handle duplicate session profile names gracefully
  o Deepen the undetstanding of SSH forwarding tunnels
  o Several pulseaudio fixes for Windows (thanks to Michael
  o Various other fixes around stability

X2Go Component: python-x2go
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 12:40:34 +0200
Fixes these bug report(s): 334 358 500 508 532 537 588 602
 python-x2go ( RELEASED; urgency=low
   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Split up session profile backend into generic and storage specific
     - Fully rework backend concept in Python X2Go. Breaks compatibility
       with earlier versions of Python X2Go concerning backends (probably
       not really used by third-party products, if at all).
     - Fix setting default values in X2GoClientXConfig class.
     - Default to xdg-open as default PDF viewer command.
     - Provide session profile backend for a http broker.
     - Make session profile backends more unicode robust.
     - X2GoSessionProfile.get_server_hostname must return unicode objects.
     - Speed-optimize session profile ID <-> name mapping.
     - Handle injection of PKey (Paramiko SSH key) objects for authentication
       from the broker session profiles backend.
     - Allow catching "connection refused" errors while talking to an X2Go
       Session Broker (X2GoBrokerConnectionException).
     - Support cookie based authentication against a http(s) session broker.
     - On Windows: Improve debugging when a new X-Server port has to be
     - Capture broker connection problems during selectsession calls to the
       broker via a HOOK method.
     - Allow user interaction via a HOOK if broker connection problems occur.
     - Handle broker setups that don't require credentials. Connection can
       be established simply by leaving the password (and authid) empty.
     - Fix detection of matching path names in X2GoIniFiles.
     - Make sure X2GoClientXConfig config file really gets written to disk
(after we changed the internas of X2GoIniFile for this new major release).
     - Rename hook method HOOK_no_known_xserver_found to
       HOOK_no_installed_xservers_found. Call this new hook if no installed
       X-Servers could be found on the system.
     - Only check running X-Servers that have the same WMI SessionId as the
       current X2Go application.
     - Session profiles: default value type for exports session profile option
       is an empty dictionary.
     - Make X2GoClient's constructor aware of non-usable X-Server ports.
     - Windows: Fix crash while attempting to find the session window.
     - Support SSH proxy autologin feature of X2Go Session Broker.
     - Provide Telekinesis support in Python X2Go.
     - Stop manipulating session profiles in X2GoSshProxy class. Esp. stop
       manipulating session profiles with deprecated session options.
     - Type-hardening of X2GoSshProxy class. Accept hosts as list and strings.
       If hosts are given as a list, a random list element will be taken as
       host (for connecting and for the SSH proxy tunnel setup).
     - Type-hardening of X2GoControlSession class's C{connect()} method.
       Handle hostnames that come in as lists gracefully.
     - Don't construct the sshproxy_tunnel parameter in x2go/ Leave
       that to higher level classes that know more about X2Go internals.
     - Add support for a subsystem string when setting up port forwarding
- Use gevent to spawn the TeKi client start-up process (instead of waiting
       for it to return).
     - Provide support for new session parameter: clipboard. (Fixes: #508).
     - Split up NX output and NX errors into two separate files.
     - Silent ignore it if we cannot detect the local Xlib.display.Display()
       instance (happens with polyinstantiated /tmp dirs).
- Don't start telekinesis client if not support server-side. Don't attempt
       at starting telekinesis client, if it is not installed.
     - Disallow server-side users to override X2Go Server commands via
       ~/bin (or similar). (Fixes: #334).
     - Handle non-available color depth in X2Go session name gracefully.
       (Fixes: #358).
     - Make sure that the x2gosuspend-session/x2goterminate-session commands
are sent to the X2Go Server before we take down the NX proxy subprocess. - Create a "session.window" file in the session directory. This file for now contains one line "ID:<window-id>". The file appears once a session window
       comes up (start/resume), and disappears once the session window closes
     - Only enable Telekinesis client debugging if the logger instance is in
       debug mode.
     - Performance tests have shown, that enabling SSH compression is not a
       good idea. NX should handle that instead (and does).
     - Better control the startup bootstrap of the Telekinesis client
     - Newly understand our own Paramiko/SSH forwarding tunnel code. Become
       aware of handling multiple connects on the same tunnel.
     - Rename LICENSE.txt to COPYING.
     - Be more exact when detecting the NX proxy window id.
     - On non-Windows platforms, enforce usage of the "ares" DNS resolver in
       python-gevent (which is available since Python gevent 1.0~). (Fixes:
     - Use Xlib to detect client-side destop geometry.
     - For reverse port forwardings use IPv4 localhost address only.
     - Assure proper NX Proxy cleanup when sessions suspends/
     - Assure proper Telekinesis client cleanup when sessions suspends/
     - Clean up terminal sessions properly when the clean_sessions() method
       of the control session has got called.
     - Don't use compression on  TeKi sshfs mounts.
     - Handle duplicate profile names gracefully (i.e. append a " (1)",
       " (2)", ... to the session profile name). (Fixes: #500).
     - Support server-side Telekinesis versions that ship their own
     - Use session_name, not session_info object's __str__() method to obtain
       session name (in X2GoTelekinesis).
     - Handle socket errors on the reverse port forwarding tunnels more
     - Handle sudden control session death during local folder sharing
     - Don't choke on non-initialized SSH transport objects when initializing
       SFTP client.
     - Fix transport lock release in X2GoControlSession._x2go_sftp_put().
     - Fix session lock release in various methods of the X2GoSession class.
     - Release _share_local_folder_lock on instance X2GoTerminalSession
     - Detect non-installed sshfs (required for Telekinesis).
     - X2GoControlSession: Don't mess with the associated_terminals dict if
       the control session has already died away (i.e. been forcefully
     - If the listsessions command detects a terminated or suspended session,
       we have to destroy the corresponding X2GoTerminalSession() to trigger
       a proper cleanup of that instance.
     - Fix various hrefs in __doc__ strings.
     - Fix creating/renaming/reconfiguring session profiles. Handle host
       option properly (as list).
     - Make sure we do a deepcopy of the default session profile parameters.
- Detect more exceptions in the requests module when authenticating against a
       session broker.
     - Only convert the value of the export session profile option if not
       already a Python dictionary.
- Capture X2GoControlSessionException occurrences during client-side folder
       sharing initializaation while starting/resuming a session.
     - X2GoSessionRegistry: Don't report about sessions that have a not yet
       fully assigned session name / profile name / profile id.
   * debian/control:
     + Add dependencies: python-requests, python-simplejson.
     + Add R (python-x2go): sshfs.
     + Add S (python-x2go): telekinesis-client, mteleplayer-clientside.
     + Update D (python-x2go): python-paramiko (>= 1.15.1-0~). (Fixes: #602).
   * python-x2go.spec:
     + Add dependencies: python-requests, python-simplejson.
     + Additionally adapt to building on openSUSE/SLES.
     + Add all python packages under R to BR (for epydoc run).
     + Update R for python-x2go: python-paramiko >= 1.15.1.
   [ Mike DePaulo ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Windows: Fix compatibility with PulseAudio 3.0 & later (Fixes: #532)
     - Windows: Prevent high PulseAudio CPU usage on Windows XP by lowering
       PulseAudio's CPU priority from "high" to "normal" on XP specifically.
       Also do so on Windows Server 2003 (R2) (Fixes: #537)

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