Dear all,

the X2Go project is proud to announce a new release of the X2Go
component ,,x2goclient''.

New gains of this version of ,,x2goclient'' are:

   o NEW: Session profile subfolders (sponsored by EUMETSAT in Darmstadt,
     Germany). Thanks for that feature sponsoring!!!
   o Support for several new desktops: Cinnamon, Trinity, OpenBOX, IceWM.
   o Various fixes around bundling X2Go Client for MS Windows (thanks to
     Michael DePaulo for his meticulous work on the MS Windows version of
     X2Go Client!!!)
   o Several i18n updates, one new language: Estonian. Thanks to
     the great work of our i18n team!!!
   o Make export session profile parameter work when connected to an
     X2Go Session Broker. (Thanks to Ming Song for providing the initial
     patch draft!!!).
   o x2goclient.spec (RPM): Build on openSUSE systems. (Also sponsored by
   o Allow setting the clipboard mode (bidirectional, server->client, client

X2Go Component: x2goclient
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:38:56 +0200
Fixes these bug report(s): 108 159 253 258 336 474 522 525 566 568 571 580 587
  590 597 603 607 608 609 612 636
  x2goclient ( RELEASED; urgency=low
    [ Mike Gabriel ]
    * New upstream release (
      - Disallow server-side users to override X2Go Server commands via
        ~/bin (or similar). (Fixes: #336).
- Avoid unitialised variables on early calls of ONMainWindow::closeEvent()
        or ONMainWindow::closeClient(). (Fixes: #253).
      - Update translation files. Add empty Portuguese translation. Update
        qt_<lang>.qm files from Debian unstable as of today.
- Update German translation file (after session folder feature got added).
      - Makefile.man2html: Test if man2html exists. If not, don't fail.
- Honor exports (client-side shared folders) from broker session profiles.
        Thanks to Ming Song for providing a patch for this (Fixes: 612).
    * debian/control:
      + Add B-D: apache2-dev. On squeeze / lucid builds, this is a superfluous
B-D, but for later Debian/Ubuntu versions, this smoothes the installation
        of the x2goplugin-provide bin:package.
      + Update B-D: apache2-dev | libc6-dev. The apache2-dev package does not
        exist on all Debian/Ubuntu versions.
    * x2goclient.spec:
      + Adapt to building for openSUSE/SLES.
      + openSUSE: Make Qt4 Linguist tools available for Makefile.
      + Upgrade versioned BR for libssh-devel (0.6.3 or patched 0.5.5).
      + The libqt4-linguist split off happened in openSUSE 13.1.
      + Add x2goclient-rpmlintrc file.
+ In openSUSE, it is openldap2-devel, in Fedora/RHEL it is openldap-devel. + In openSUSE, openssh is openssh (not openssh-clients / openssh-server).
    [ Oleksandr Shneyder ]
    * New upstream release (
      - Fix running x2goclient without arguments on Windows. (Fixes: #522).
      - Save proxy output in $HOME/S-$SESSION-ID/session.log if debugging is
- Fork x2goclient on windows and terminate child processes if X2Go Client
        crashed. (Fixes: #159).
- Add "clipboard" parameter to session profile and to command line options.
        (Fixes: #258).
      - Replace qCritical() with printError() by argument parsing.
      - Update translation files.
      - Update russian translation.
- Update string "&Clipboard Mode" and translate in russian translation file.
      - Grammar fix in russian translation.
- Add x2gohelper to start X2Go Client on Windows and clean child processes
        if X2Go Client crashes. (Fixes: #525).
      - On Windows rename x2goclient.exe to x2goclient-mainprocess.exe and
        x2gohelper.exe to x2goclient.exe.
- Start x2gohelper from X2Go Client. Revert name changing of X2Go Client and
      - Add Makefile for x2gohelper.
      - Add support for sessions folders.
      - Add folder explorer: a GUI to manage of session subfolders.
      - Support for sessions subfolders in sessionmanagedialog.
      - Session name autocompletion only for sessions in current folder.
      - Support for session subfolders and command-line options "--session"
        and "--sessionid".
      - Disable session explorer "back" button if user sessions are disabled.
      - Include <QDir> in sessionexplorer.cpp.
      - Remove deprecated workaround in wapi.cpp.
      - Save folder icons Base64 coded. Save icons under General\icon_<PATH>.
        (Fixes: #580).
      - Fix placing sessions folders in broker mode.
      - Fix onmainwindow.cpp after 76ae96781f1d2d5754ee4751539d5de47f1d0297.
      - Add support for session selection in broker mode.
    [ Mike DePaulo ]
    * New upstream release (
      - Make X2Go Client aware of the Cinnamon (CINNAMON) desktop environment.
        (Fixes: #571)
      - Make X2Go Client aware of the Trinity (TRINITY) desktop environment.
        (Fixes: #609)
      - Make X2Go Client aware of the Openbox (OPENBOX) window manager.
        (Fixes: #607)
      - Make X2Go Client aware of the IceWM (ICEWM) window manager.
        (Fixes: #608)
- Windows: Fix not being able to add the server to the known_hosts file when
        the username has non-English characters. (Fixes: #566)
(NOTE: This fix only works when the non-English characters are in the same
        language as the Windows "system locale" AKA "Language for non-Unicode
programs." Bug #611 was written for fixing the issue for languages other
        than the system locale.)
        Thanks George Trakatelis ( for submitting part of this fix.
      - Windows: Install VcXsrv "misc" fonts by default, and make all 4 font
        groups optional: misc, 75dpi, 100dpi and others (Fixes: #108)
Note: The fact that all the fonts are included makes the installer about
        30MB larger.
      - Windows: Bundle new version of VcXsrv:
        This new version is based on upstream VcXsrv, but still
        compatible with Windows XP. It also has its bundled OpenSSL updated to
        1.0.1j. It is compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 and contains 1
        X2Go-specific change, winmultiwindow.patch. This patch fixes an issue
        when resizing the NX-proxy window on specific multiple monitor setups.
        (Thanks Oleksandr Shneyder for the patch) (Fixes: #568) (Fixes: #594)
      - Windows: Port from MinGW 4.4 + Qt 4.8.5 to MinGW 4.8.2 + Qt 4.8.6,
        including fix for QTBUG-38706 (Fixes: #474, #603)
- Windows: Fix missing VcXsrv/zlib1.dll . The impact of this bug was that
        VcXsrv would not start if the cwd was changed from the x2goclient
directory. (The start menu and desktop shortcuts do have the x2goclient
        directory as the cwd. So they were not affected.) (Fixes: #587)
      - Windows: Make the desktop shortcut optional during install,
        but still the default.
      - Windows: Upgrade libssh from 0.5.5 to 0.6.3. This fixes connecting to
hpn-enabled SSH servers. The Pageant support patch from the KDE Windows
        project was ported to 0.6.3 by myself and Mike Frederick.
        (Gmail: psududemike) (Fixes: #590)
      - Windows: Win32 OpenSSL updated from 1.0.1h to 1.0.1j, which fixes the
        CVEs announced on 2014-08-06 & 2014-10-15.
- Windows: Replace Cygwin Bash (sh.exe) with Cygwin Dash (ash.exe renamed
        to sh.exe). This also means fewer Cygwin .DLLs are bundled.
        (Fixes: #636)
      - Windows: cygwin packages (excluding OpenSSH, which is at the patched
version of 6.6.1p1-3-x2go1) updated from latest versions as of 2014-06-09 to latest versions as of 2014-10-18. This includes openssl 1.0.1j-1, which
        fixes the CVEs announced on 2014-08-06 & 2014-10.15.
(Cygwin openssl was also individually updated in,
        but only to 1.0.1i-1.)
- Windows: Build nxproxy.exe with Cygwin's libpng 1.5.x rather than 1.2.x.
        (This may improve performance when PNG compression is selected.)
- Windows: Build cygwin openssh without krb5 or tcp_wrappers support because
        X2Go Client for Windows does not use either feature.
        (On Windows, Kerberos 5 (GSSAPI) support is provided by PuTTY.)
      - Windows: Fix text not being rendered properly at end of NSIS installer
        (Fixes: #597)
    [ Stefan Baur ]
    * New upstream version (
      - Update German translation file.
    [ Ricardo Díaz Martín ]
    * New upstream version (
      - Update Spanish translation file.
    [ Martti Pitkanen ]
    * New upstream version (
      - Update Finnish translation file.
    [ Jos Wolfram ]
    * New upstream version (
      - Update Dutch translation file.
    [ Robert Parts ]
    * New upstream version (
      - Add Estonian translation file.
    [ Klaus Ade Johnstad ]
    * New upstream version (
      - Update Bokmal (Norway) translation file.
    [ Daniel Lindgren ]
    * New upstream version (
      - Update Swedish translation file.
    * Translation status:
      OK - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_de.qm'...
        Generated 566 translation(s) (566 finished and 0 unfinished)
      INCOMPLETE - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_da.qm'...
        Generated 536 translation(s) (526 finished and 10 unfinished)
        Ignored 30 untranslated source text(s)
      OK - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_es.qm'...
        Generated 566 translation(s) (566 finished and 0 unfinished)
      OK - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_et.qm'...
        Generated 566 translation(s) (566 finished and 0 unfinished)
      OK - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_fi.qm'...
        Generated 566 translation(s) (566 finished and 0 unfinished)
      INCOMPLETE - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_fr.qm'...
        Generated 254 translation(s) (201 finished and 53 unfinished)
        Ignored 312 untranslated source text(s)
      OK - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_nb_no.qm'...
         Generated 566 translation(s) (566 finished and 0 unfinished)
      OK - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_nl.qm'...
        Generated 566 translation(s) (566 finished and 0 unfinished)
      UNTRANSLATED - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_pt.qm'...
        Generated 0 translation(s) (0 finished and 0 unfinished)
        Ignored 566 untranslated source text(s)
      INCOMPLETE - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_ru.qm'...
        Generated 552 translation(s) (543 finished and 9 unfinished)
        Ignored 14 untranslated source text(s)
      OK - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_sv.qm'...
        Generated 566 translation(s) (566 finished and 0 unfinished)
      INCOMPLETE - Updating 'x2goclient/x2goclient_zh_tw.qm'...
        Generated 397 translation(s) (372 finished and 25 unfinished)
        Ignored 169 untranslated source text(s)

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