Dear all

The X2Go project is proud to announce a new release of the X2Go
component ,,x2goserver''.

New gains of this version of ,,x2goserver'' are:

  o new support for openSUSE and SLE (sponsored by EuMetSat in
Darmstadt, Germany)
  o new instructions for the translation process thanks to Mark
  o cross-user X2Go Desktop Sharing working again
  o handle Active Directory usernames correctly when using SQLite
  o new man page for x2gogetapps with disclaimer suggested by Stefan Baur
  o a lot of bug fixes

The X2Go project thanks Mark Pedersen-Cook, Robert Siemer, Stefan Baur,
Matthew L. Dailey and Lars Wendler for their valuable input and
submitted work.

X2Go Component: x2goserver
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 21:49:22 +0100
Fixes these bug report(s): 405 632 633 638 644 664 668 671 672 675 676
678 697 698 700 712 715 727 728 770
 x2goserver ( RELEASED; urgency=medium
   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Use File::Which to detect if sshfs command is available
       before trying to mount a client-side folder.
     - Be a bit more tolerant when trying to detect if a
       desktop icon is to be removed (using regexp, not
     - Xsession script: Prevent bash failures when sourcing external bash
       scripts beyond our scope. (Fixes: #632, #675).
     - x2gogetapps: Support scanning of sub-directories when searching for
       .desktop files. We allow to dive down one level into subdirs, we on
       purpose do not recursively dive into the complete subtree.
(Fixes: #633).
     - Make man2html an optional tool. Don't fail if it is missing on the
       build system (required for openSUSE/SLES builds).
     - Fix x2goserver-xsession/Makefile on SUSE. Detect SUSE distro and
       Xsession related directory symlinks (xinitrc.d and Xclients.d).
     - Hack for x2goserver-xsession/Makefile during SUSE builds. If
       directoy /usr/share/doc/packages/brp-check-suse is present, the
build env
       is also considered to be a SUSE system.
     - Trigger Xsession code for SUSE systems (look for /etc/SUSE-brand or
       /etc/SuSE-release for SUSE system recognition). (Fixes: #671).
     - x2gosqlitewrapper.c: Fix rpmlint error:
       Return the exitcode of execve().
     - Fix gramma in error message (in x2goresume-session).
     - x2gocleansessions: Call x2gormforward also on terminated
sessions. This
       will make sure that re-assigned ports are really available on new
     - x2golistsessions(_root): Only update session state in session DB if
       x2goagent's state file really exists. This addresses a problem
that occurs
       when x2golistsessions gets called via an x2gobroker-agent. The
       x2golistsessions script may show session states (--all-servers) of
       sessions on other servers that have session states files on their
       /tmp dirs. These files are not accessible for that
x2golistsessions script
       and should simply be ignored. (Fixes: #638).
     - Provide pam_namespace support for has_agent_state_file() function.
     - Fix missing session list output if state file does not exist on the
       machine that runs x2golistsessions(_root).
     - Accept more verbose "DENY" output from x2godesktopsharing.
     - Make sure that all "su"-to-user-contexts use /bin/sh for wrapping
       the executed command (in x2gocleansessions and
     - Also enforce /bin/sh as shell in su command in x2goprint.
     - README.i18n: Add file that explains the translation workflow for
       this package. Thanks to Mark Pedersen-Cook for drafting this file.
     - Make SSH agent forwarding work after having reconnected via SSH and
       having resumed a session. (Fixes: #672). Thanks to Robert Siemer for
       coming up with that idea.
     - Fix cross-user X2Go Desktop Sharing after being broken by
       clipboard mode feature (and probably other code changes).
     - Document session startup / resumption failures (and their reasons) in
       server-side log output.
     - Handle AD domain users gracefully when X2Go is used with SQLite DB
       backend. (Fixes: #664).
     - Improve sanitizer, use 'x2gosid' sanitizer for session IDs
       Drop unused 'pnixusername' sanitizer in 4.0.1.x release of X2Go
     - Allow usernames in session IDs of length 48 chars.
     - Start sshfs with a timeout of 30 seconds (because it never
finishes if
       something is wrong with the client-side TCP socket). Also
       mountpoints erroneously registered sshfs mountpoints if sshfs command
       times out. Furthermore, print errors to STDERR (not STDOUT). (Fixes:
     - Handle execution of ss command from Perl script x2golistdesktops
in a way
       that not only works on Debian, but also on Fedora et al. (Fixes:
     - Provide legacy support for old File::Path packages in x2godbadmin.
       (Fixes: #715).
     - Fix wrong evocation of x2gosyslog ("error" -> "err").
     - Use "undef $dbh" instead of "$dbh->disconnect()". Fixes SQLite3
issues on
       SLE 11.x.
     - Only call $dbh->sqlite_busy_timeout() if the $dbh object is
capable of
       that. Works around a too-old DBD::SQLite package on SLE 11.x.
     - Legacy for applications (and X2Go scripts) that expect
       set in the X2Go session's environment. (Fixes: #644).
     - Add man page for x2gogetapps. Weave into that a security / disclaimer
       message as proposed by Stefan Baur. (Fixes: #728).
   * debian/control:
     + Add D (x2goserver): libfile-which-perl.
     + Add C (x2goserver: x2godesktopsharing (<< (Fixes: #700).
     + Bump Standards: to 3.9.6. No changes needed.
     + Don't depend on libdb-pg-perl for armhf builds. (Fixes: #712).
Thanks to
       Heinrich Schuchardt for providing information on this.
     + Upgrade to D again (bin:package x2goserver): xfonts-base (Fixes:
   * debian/
     + Install README.i18n file into bin:package x2goserver.
   * x2goserver.spec:
     + Add to R: perl(File::Which).
     + Additionally adapt to building on openSUSE/SLES.
     + No shell expansion possible in obs-build, detect perl version
only for
       non-SUSE builds.
     + Add to R: x2goserver-xsession.
     + Don't mention /etc/x2go/x2gosql/sql twice (directly and with
     + No %{_sysconfdir}/x2go/Xclients.d on SUSE systems.
     + Use %{_localstatedir} instead of %{_sharedstatedir}.
     + Use proper if... then... clauses.
     + For SUSE builds: Add to R: shadow (useradd, groupadd).
     + Replace historical "egrep" with "grep -E".
     + Systemd support for SUSE >= 12.10.
     + Set %defattr macro for every bin:package.
     + SUSE and Fedora/RHEL have different package group names.
     + Add x2goserver-rpmlintrc file to handle some rpmlint errors and
     + SUSE has openssh, but no openssh-server.
     + Add to R (x2goserver): perl-X2Go-Server.
     + Add to R (diverse): perl(Config::Simple), perl(Switch) and
     + Add to R (x2goserver): perl(File::BaseDir).
     + Don't hard-code /var/lib/ in $HOME path of to-be-created user
     + Add to BR: findutils.
     + For Fedora-like systems, don't make x2goserver bin:package
       for non-X2Go directories. (Fixes: #676).
     + Remove macro call %systemd_pre for Fedora/EPEL-7 builds. No such
macro in
       Fedora/RHEL7. (Fixes: 698).
     + Create system user x2gouser with $HOME in /var/lib/x2go. (Fixes:
     + Always set BuildRoot: parameter.
     + BuildRequires: SUSE <= 11.3 has xorg-x11, not xinit.
     + Requires (x2goserver-xsession): SUSE <= 11.3 has xorg-x11, not xinit.
     + No Bashisms in scriptlets.
     + rpmlint requires shared-mime-info at build time on SLE <= 11.3.
     + "%set_permissions" / "%verify_permissions" macros are not know in
SLE <=
       11.3. Using "%run permissions" and "%verify permissions" instead.
     + On SUSE, add permissions.d/x2goserver.
     + Fix SQLite wrapper permissions (02775 -> 02755)
     + Use if then clauses for creating user/group x2goprint.
   [ Matthew L. Dailey ]
   * New upstream version (
     - x2gocleansessions: Redirect stdin, stdout and stderr to
/dev/null, test
       for the existence of the file descriptor before issuing the close,
       only capture the file descriptor backreference in the regex and
       send any close failures to syslog. (Fixes: #678).
   [ Lars Wendler ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Use "printf" instead of "echo -n". (Fixes: #668).


Mihai Moldovan

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