On 21.08.2016 11:59 AM, Mihai Moldovan wrote:
> [...]
> This includes the following distro versions:
> - Debian:
>   o 6.0 "squeeze"
> - Fedora
>   o 19
>   o 20
>   o 21
>   o 22
> - OpenSuSE
>   o 12.2
>   o 12.3
>   o 13.1
> - SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (not Server!)
>   o 11.2
>   o 11.3

I have now fully finished the deprecation of mentioned versions, lest OpenSuSE
13.1 as per one request and because OBS is relatively resource-friendly,
compared to the build systems we utilize for Debian and Fedora builds.

The old packages have been moved to a new location under
http://archives.packages.x2go.org - users who still need to access these
packages should change the URLs accordingly.

New rsync modules have been added for archived Debian, Fedora and EPEL packages.

Additionally, I have installed new rsync modules for SUSE Linux Enterprise,
OpenSUSE and their respective archive counterparts, because we did not have any
of them yet.

Wiki pages related to packaging have been mostly rewritten with new information
and where appropriate links changed to wiki:repositories:XXX to not include
redundant data and condense information. New pages have been added to the wiki
for archived repositories and cross-linked to their non-archived counterpart 


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