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X2Go: The Gathering 2017 will be taking place 2017-09-22 to 2017-09-24

*Voting deadline has been extended! Vote for your favorite location!*

Folks, we need your votes!
Even if there's only a remote chance that you could attend our event at
one or more of the listed locations, please, please, please cast your vote!
We currently have *the same amount of votes* for *all locations*, which
obviously isn't helpful for decision-making.

Who's allowed to vote:
Everyone that has read the Wiki page or that has
received this voting notification via one of the X2Go Mailing Lists,
*and hasn't cast their vote yet.*

If *you haven't voted yet*, but would like to take part in the voting
process, please list the locations you would like to vote for in an
E-Mail to:

Valid options are:

- Essen
- Stuttgart
- Treuchtlingen

Please list the locations in the order of your preference:

- First entry gets 3 points
- Second entry gets 2 points
- Third entry gets 1 point

If you are unwilling to attend at a particular location, then do not
list it at all.

*Deadline: We need your vote by Thursday, 2017-06-25, 23:59:59 CEST.*

Please note that we will try to respect the outcome of the vote as good
as possible, but we reserve the right to pick a different location than
the one that gets the most votes in case we detect voting fraud or in
case some unforeseen circumstances (like a hotel suddenly becoming
unavailable) require us to relocate.

To see a detailed description of all locations, as well as their pros
and cons, and entertainment options, please visit:


Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur
(with my X2Go event planner hat on)

BAUR-ITCS UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Geschäftsführer: Stefan Baur
Eichenäckerweg 10, 89081 Ulm | Registergericht Ulm, HRB 724364
Fon/Fax 0731 40 34 66-36/-35 | USt-IdNr.: DE268653243

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