Dear all

I am happy to announce that from now on the X2Go package archive that provides
Raspbian packages of X2Go[1] also offers X2Go packages that have been built
against Raspbian Stretch - the new Raspbian release version.

Additionally, the pseudo code names have been reset. "stable" now maps to
"stretch" and "oldstable" maps to "jessie". Users are strongly encouraged to use
the actual code names (i.e., not the pseudo code names) in order to not trigger
unwanted upgrades and to avoid incompatibilities, since pseudo code name changes
are typically not carried out in tandem with Debian.

We hope this makes our package archive more useful.

If you encounter dependency problems when installing X2Go release or
nightly packages under Raspbian Stretch, please file a bug report with X2Go 

For setup information, refer to the Debian packages info wiki article[3].



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